Podcast | Mattergy

13.08.2013 (67′ 34”)
Curated by Carl Michael von Hausswolff

You can listen to this podcast here

For most people energy means power, electricity, sunshine and food. It’s a basic need for everyone and in a material world it seems unnecessary to go beyond those basics. You’re born, you live and you die. That’s it!

There are also those who believe that energy is absolutely everything and that the enormous amounts of different frequencies and frequency combinations involved hold everything together in one large blob of infinite, intermingling details moving very slowly or very fast according to the circumstances, which is the memory of the past mirrored as the future. Memory is then preserved as energy and this energy might be sleeping, waiting to be activated and then de-activated again. The movement of this enormous blob and its content varies in duration and speed and interferes with the details, colouring them and changing them into evolutionary items we call new. It rotates spirally and touches and bounces off itself, and there are as many centres as there are details. Swedish visionary Emanuel Swedenborg sensed this and has written about these motions and forms in the appendix of his book ‘De Cultu Et Amore Dei’. Now, in 2013, we could call it ‘Mattergy